6 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Converting The Way You Want It To

You’ve setup and by no stretch of the imagination is this an easy thing to do.  

You’ve branded it like a boss – check
You’ve been blogging like a champ – check
You’ve been sharing your content on social media – check

You’ve pretty much been doing all of the things that “pro bloggers” do.

Months have gone by and you’ve been checking your traffic stats like crazy.  You’re seeing that people are visiting your blog and reading your content too.

But…there’s a problem.

Nothing is happening…

For some reason, your blog is not converting visitors to email subscribers the way that you want it to.

Now you’re wondering to yourself…”What the heck is wrong with my blog and why aren’t people opting in to my list?

The Fundamentals We All Use To Stage Our Blog’s for Conversions

On my previous blog post I mentioned that conversions for bloggers equates to email subscriptions.

I learned years ago that if you want increase conversions to your blog, you need to add an email optin form to it.

As I’ve become a better blogger, I’ve learned that adding email opt-in forms to a blog is not the ONLY thing that increases conversions.

There is a lot more to it than this my friend. If you are struggling to get your blog to convert, here’s a list of 7 possible reasons why:

#1:  You are not giving your visitors multiple opportunities to opt-in to your email list


Adding one email opt-in form to your blog is not gonna cut it.  I am so sorry to break this news to you my friend.   But it’s just not.

I remember years go stumbling across a blog post from Social Triggers about email opt-in forms. The post pretty much stated to “get more more conversions to you blog, you need to add more email sign-up forms” to it.

After I read his post a lightbulb went off….

Like duh Kim, why didn’t you think of this before.  So I took action and started adding opt-in forms to places on my blog like:

  • The top of my blog. Have you visited a website and spotted the little bar that ran across it with a call to action button on it?  This bar is a top bar and it works like a champ for increasing conversions.  (Here’s a blog post that shows you how to install it). 
  • The bottom of my blog posts:  I use Thrive Leads to add email forms to the bottom of my blog posts and it is very effective. Thrive makes it easy to do this. With Thrive Leads you can add email opt-in boxes to your posts based on category, behavior of your visitors, pages and more.  It’s a super dope tool yall. 
  • Pop-Up subscription boxes to the homepage of my blog  I’m sure that you’ve seen the pop up box that comes up when you visit the homepage of my site right?  Yea so I know that a lot of people think that it’s annoying. Annoying or not, my homepage pop up converts pretty well…so im keepin it 🙂 

#2: Your calls to action are not click worthy

Sign Up”, “Download” and “Join My Newsletter” are not benefit focused calls to actions that people will act on.


They are vague, overused and uninspiring. You’d be surprised at how switching up the copy on your call to action buttons on your blog can increase your conversions.

Case in point:

For my site’s homepage, I originally used “Learn More” for all of the CTA buttons on my homepage. Then one day I switched things up and added different call’s to action on them.

I used the heat mapping tool by SumoMe to track engagement on the buttons.  After I made changes to the buttons, I noticed an uptick in clicks to them. #WOOHOOO

My advice to you..is to TEST, TEST and keep testing to find the BEST CTA’s for your blog.  This is the only way that you will find out what works well for you.

#3:  Your use too much jargon in your blog’s copy


Have you ever been to a blog and started reading the copy and thought “Who in the he$# wrote this”?

I visit a LOT of blog’s every week y’all and wow… there is just too much frigging jargon that folks are putting out there.

I’m sorry Mr. or Mrs. “I have a rather very extensive vocabulary” so I’m going to use these words in my blogs copy.  #NoThankYOU

One of my best and buds and a dear biz colleague of mine said it best: CLEAR beats clever any day.

Mark Schaefer of Businesses Grow had this to say in a recent video:

Use the words that your “audience” uses to describe their problems in your marketing

The same thing applies to your web copy too folks.  Every time that I sent down to put pen to paper, I try to keep this in mind.

#4: Your blog’s design is too cluttered and busy

Around a month or so ago, I saw an interesting pin to a blog post on Pinterest.  I clicked on the pin and headed over to the website to view the post and bounced .

Can you guess why?

There was just too much going on.  There were ads popping up all over the place, the content was hard to read, and to be truthful the content was off topic.

Based on that experience I will prolly not visit that blog again.

With the blogs and websites that I design for my clients, I always design them with the end user in mind. The more simple your design, the better.

#5:  You don’t have any “content upgrades added to your blog posts

What are content upgrades?

Here’s the short answer:

They are “content based” freebies related to specific content that you write on your blog.

The great thing about using them is that your readers have to opt-in to your email list to download them…which can skyrocket your conversions.

I use Canva to create my content upgrades and try to add content upgrades on 90% of the content that I write for this blog

In my experience checklists, worksheets and cheatsheets are the easiest type of content upgrades to create.

If you want a step by step system for creating content upgrades, workbooks and images for your blog, check out Canva Superstar. You can find out more about it right here.

#6:  You’re not attracting the right people to your blog

The right mix of web copy + right content = right people visiting your blog. This is something I had to learn the hard way yall.

Years ago, I started a blog, built up a huge readership to it but couldn’t figure out why the heck the blog wasn’t converting.

The answer was simple:

I was writing the wrong content and attracting the WRONG people to the blog.

Think about it for a sec…

If you are starting a blog that covers “Vegan Recipes”, then it wouldn’t make sense to write about trips to Thailand.

I know that is a little extreme…but I’m sure that you get the point. Write content that benefits your audience and attracts them to you.

In the meantime guys, get out there, tweak your copy, add content upgrades, continue to make adjustments where necessary to your blog to see what works.

Cheers and best of luck!

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